pic: Team 1677 Finished Robot

Very nice! you should call it Tankbot! :smiley:

This robots reminds me most of…“DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!”

I really love the metal plating. Although I hope the electronics is more protected with more sheet metal.

Dude. It looks like it was built from ventilation ducting. Awesome.

Are you guys going to be at GLR or Waterloo by any chance?

So this is the infamous robot, claimed to have arms, discussed previously? :wink:

How well does it vacuum floors :smiley: j/k, looks solid.
Good luck this year.

I like the concept, nice and clean. Does the shooter rotate or change elevation? Any problems with the balls in the tub jamming up the entrance to the tube?

You’ll probably have to add a piece of curved polycarb, or more AL if you’ve got the weight, over the shooter wheels for protection. (See Update 11)

Also, do you intend to preload balls in the tube? They have to be visible to the referee prior to the start of the match.

we will be at the GVSU regional. the shooter moves up and down to any angle between ~0-45 degrees. the hopper will be slightly improved to prevent jamming and there is a valve at the top of the black tubing to allow balls to pass through. you can’t really see it, but there is a conveyor belt connected to a wheel that can easily pick up balls from the floor.



If anyone should be allowed to use Duct Tape, you have actual ducts on your bot!

BTW - looks great! the person on the left side with the black shirt - at first I thought that was part of the robot, the catcher for shredded ball pieces (the dirt bag? :^)