pic: Team 167's Aerial Assist Robot: Daenerys


The Children of the Corn, Iowa City Robotics FRC Team 167 are proud to present Daenerys, our 2014 robot for playing Aerial Assist.

We don’t have a nice release video but we do have some footage of driver practice from our shop the weekend before bag day: http://youtu.be/u8zb_tXjAFM

Robot Specs:
Direct drive 8" mecanum wheels using 4 Toughbox Nanos, geared for ~14 fps
4" VersaWheel roller intake driven by 10:1 VersaPlanetary with BAG motor
Intake arm driven by 100:1 VersaPlanetary with BAG motor and a 2.5:1 chain reduction
Surgical tubing catapult driven by a choo-choo-esque mechanism using one CIM and a 2 stage GEM Gearbox
Catapult held in place by 3/4" Gearwrench ratcheting wrench on a nut welded to the GEM output shaft
80/20 quickframe “backboard” and retracting cabling on arms to allow ball catching
High goal, Low goal, and Truss scoring
1 Ball High goal autonomous mode

We’re working on jazzing up our lexan shielding with the withholding allowance and will try to get hot goal detection working prior to our first regional. We’re also upping the GEM gearbox to a 3 stage for increased precision and less strain on the CIM motor.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the Central Illinois and Milwaukee Regionals this year!