pic: Team 1708 Idea #1 rev. A

Revision A. Comment’s and Critisism Encouraged

Excellent! I was hoping the revised version of this would be up. First of all, very impressive visually; I love the color scheme. I also like how you tackled the problem of going over the bump. It looks like you won’t have any problems with that.
Unfortunately, it looks like your center of gravity will have moved up quite a bit, which may pose a problem with tipping, though that’s just from looking at it, so don’t take it as a fact.
And one more thing that Im just echoing from the first revision. You want to be careful with that suspension to make sure that if one wheel’s springs are compressed and the others are in the normal position, it doesn’t throw your chain off.
Other than that, it’s an impressive design that looks quite promising. Good luck!

Just curious – not commentary and not criticism.
What is the purpose/adavantage of having 6 wheels?

Very Nice design. :D. With the background, it’s even steallar.

I have a question though, what kinda of shox/springs are those? and what kind of “give” do they provide?

They are actually Valve Springs, from a diesel truck motor. A dodge to be exact. They can support about 125 - 145 per. spring, They are about 3 1/2 inches in length, and have about 2inches of give maxx.

We are hoping that with a Andy Mark chain tensioner, when the springs sway the springs depress the chain will keep tension… Thanks for all the great compliments, love the feedback.

Looking good. My only criticism is that putting shocks on your wheels can mess up the tension of your chain. As the wheels go up and down, the distance from the drive will change, causing chain skipping and throwing potentially.

The purpose of having six wheels (to us atleast) is having the wheels in the front are mainly for the “hump” purpose. The wheels in the back are all for power!

Do you think a longer chain with a tight tensioner is going to work? We are hoping for it too.

From the perspective it’s hard to tell. If those are 8" wheels, it looks like the top of the angle would be somewhere near 13" off the floor, and thus could be where the center of the bumpers are. This provides a solid attachment point for the bumpers front and rear, but what about the sides? I assume the lowest rail is less than 10" off the ground so the bumpers could not attach there; can they attach to the upper rail on the sides?

Have you considered how having all six wheels flat on the ground will affect turning ability? 6wd is very maneuverable when the center wheel is slightly lower than the others (allowing one end to be slightly off the floor when turning), but with a suspenstion I don’t see how you could get that affect. You may have already considered this, just trying to help you make sure there aren’t any surprises when it gets built d:

It’s kind of funny you brought you up, we just talked about that at the meeting we are at right now. The center bar, of the robot will be moved up to provide a full bumper mouting area around the whole robot. :ahh:

Spring loaded tensioner maybe? I’ve never tried a spring loaded chain tensioner so I have no idea how it would work. Most suspensions I’ve seen integrate the gearbox into the suspension so they move together, preserving the same relative distance. But that doesn’t make sense for 6 wheels and 2 gearboxes.

A) What size aluminum tubing is that?
B) What’s your total weight?

A- One Inch
The team has decided as of today, we are going with the same chassis design but made out of BOSCH 3030 metal.

B- Unknown

I’m also curious about this; seems that when you include a suspension system on a 6wd, you’re losing a major benefit of that wheel configuration. Are you planning on using any omniwheels on the corners?

Eddie might have some more to say, but I think the idea’s to mount the suspension using theaded rod, and then a nut on top could be tightened to limit the maximum expansion of the spring, so the outside wheels could be raised to normally sit ~1/8" above the center wheel when under weight.