pic: Team 1708 Sneek Peek!

Team 1708 Wheel Module sneek peek!!


-Andy Mark 6" Mechanum Wheels
-IFI Traction Wheels
-.25# Andy Mark chain

…guess the rest? :slight_smile:

Questions, Comments, Concerns welcome

Pivoting mechanum-traction pod-modules with suspension? The best of … all? … worlds.

Is this what i think it is! :open_mouth:

It depend’s what do you think it is? :]

exactly correct… The best of both worlds. Toe power of traction and the agility of mechanum.

-and the suspension is off

omg this ish awethome!!!. am i allowed to build my own version of this? :open_mouth:

Definitely, let us know if you get it to work. Snowpocalypse kept us from being able to work the bugs out of it this build season, and we never really got it to work, falling back on just mecanums over the course of regionals. I know there were a couple versions of this from different teams, some of which seemed to work great. If you can make it work, hats off to you and your team.