pic: Team 1712 Robot!


Well, its been a long, rough journey for this rookie team, but we finally have a complete robot hardware wise! Now its just time for tweaking, lots and lots of tweaking…

Good Luck to our friends on Team 1712. DAWGMA!!! We are sure they will have an awesome machine and a great rookie year!!!

Another FIRST robotics PVC masterpiece. Looks great! Good luck with your rookie robot, it looks like it will take you far.

Thanks for the support guys!

Mechanically, the robot is pretty much finished, but we still have two weeks to make the necessary tweaks as problems come up. If we stay on the path, we should be able to run full tests soon. We’ll have updated pics once we have more to show!

Be hyped!


Just remember… you ain’t done until your (alliance’s) flag is flying!

Good luck, and have a great rookie year!

And it definatly seems it will be that way.

Great looking bot you guys… Hey wait a minute… you are almost done and you are tweaking the robot with two weeks left AND you are a rookie…
Who are these guys???

Best of luck to you!!!

Call me crazy, but I like it, its a good use of common cheap parts. I hope to see this robot in action.

Excellent. Exactly 25’s idea of a good one pointer.

Again, thanks to everyone for all the praise!

We now have all the electronics mounted and wired to the robot, and have already started conducted tests and optimizing code from the results. We also got it running just in time for one of our school’s pep rallies, which is tomorrow! This will be our robot’s first public appearence outside our lab, and we’re hoping that it receives as much positive praise as you all have given it!

Updates with pictures of the final bot soon!