pic: Team 1712's Dawgma I on the Truck

Well, the wait is over, and Dawgma I shipped off at 12:01 PM today. Here's one of our last looks of the crate before it gets shipped off.

I see another teams crate on the truck, any idea on who’s it is?

Actually, there are two other crates in there, you just can’t see them. Team 357’s crate from Upper Darby and I believe the crate for Haverford’s.

Is anyone willing to admit that they followed the FedEx truck down the street, like a parent following a school bus on their kindergartners first day? :smiley:

If I was there when they we’re loading it up, I probably would have. Little Dawgma I going out into the world all by its lonesome… It makes me want to cry… but not really.

Still don’t know what my excuse for going to our tech lab everyday is going to be now…

I tried convincing them to let me ride with the bot to the storage place, bu they wouldn’t let me :frowning: