pic: Team #1714 Bhutan delegates

Sarah & Collin teaching the Bhutan delegates how to drive Vex robots.

Sarah! That looks so amazing! I bet you guys had a blast.

1714 is a shining example of what FIRST is all about and they serve as a stellar role model to any FIRST member, mentor, or team as a whole. They really live up to their motto: Learn More. Give More. Be More.

awesome job guys, i visited the festival on Sunday, and saw your booth, unfortunately i must have just missed you, as the robot was all alone. you had a 07 bot there didn’t you? Regardless, great publicity for FIRST and robotics.

Thanks Nathan, we can’t take the whole credit though, we were there on Fri, Sat, Sunday of the first week it was open. There were other FRC teams demonstrating on different days. They were Team 116 (Herndon, VA), Team 34 (Huntsville, AL), Team 399 (Lancaster, CA), Team 585 (Tehachapi, CA), Team 768 (Woodlawn, MD), Team 1714 (Milwaukee, WI), and Team 1868 (Mountain View, CA). The demo was organized by Team 116 and they provided the robots also.

Andy, thank you for your comments. Flattery will get you everywhere with us lol. The event was a blast. There were many people from many different cultures. It was great to learn about them as well as talking to them about NASA and Robotics.