pic: Team #1714 & Dave Lavery

Sarah and Collin with Dave Lavery at the American Folklife Festival.

Nice T-shirt on Dave, but I can’t make out the formula.

I see a lot of swigs, so it must a differential equation…:yikes:

It took me a while – Google was not my friend in this case – but I did find some close ones here, here, and here, and this one might fit Dave better during pre-Kickoff, but I couldn’t find a clear photo of his shirt – this was the closest. (You’d think in 35 pages of Google images it would come up?) Still blurry, but it’s still, uh, greek to me? (I do have a good image – but on a different computer.)

that is the Navier-Stokes star gas equation.

I did not know it ether but I did find the shirt. http://www.sciencestore.com/1189954.html