pic: Team 1714 MORE Robotics Robot for 2011

Re-uploaded with a higher resolution picture.

I love the fact that a team has created a robot that I have not seen built with the materials that you use in a long time. Great work. I would like to know how it holds up in competition. Let Cd know the results.:cool: :smiley:

MORE Robotics has done it again. They have produced another sweet robot.


They have been building robots like this for a while.

Also, I love the polycarb minibot:) .


Thats our robot from last year. I drove it about as hard as you can possibly drive a robot, and it held up like a tank. If i hit a wall during the match, the wall would take more damage than the robot.

Well i could either go with the choose us approach or the fear us approach. It is definitely a stereotypical 1714 robot. Looks pretty good, but i wish you luck against the kraken! Good luck.