pic: Team 1716 T-shirt Launcher


We have been working on this T-shirt Launcher For about 2 weeks now, and for the most part we are happy with it. It uses 2 compressors to charge the cannon tank and another to charge the 8 clippard tanks to use for the firing cylinder and the lifting cylinder. We have gotten the Idea of a t-shirt launcher approved by the school admin. but have yet to get the actual robot, but when we went their the first time they seemed really supportive!! We have a couple videos up but are really low quality, so I will be shooting some more video this afternoon!! If you feel like it, you can become a fan of this robot on facebook!!


hey, nice work. is your tilt for the barrel only a single acting solenoid? and what brand valve are you using for it (SMC, FESTO)? just might have some helpful advice about pneumatics for you…

It is a double smc solenoid. Thanks for the compliments!

if you can get ahold of two FESTO single-acting solenoids, i can give you a schematic on how to make the barrel adjust to different positions. did you think of using a Rain Bird (or something like that) electric sprinkler valve with a transformer? (i can tell you how to build it [safely]) they do work on 120 PSI that’s what i’m using and it never leaks or anything. if you have any questions, just ask and i will most likely be able to help.

we looked into a sprinkler valve, but decided that it wouldn’t be safe to have it holding back all of the pressure. Maybe I am wrong but we just went the safe route!

we will for sure try out that festo valve today!! thanks for the heads up!!

I’ve been wanting to do one of these forever!

For valves, I would look at 1726’s valve setup at http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/29086 and http://www.chiefdelphi.com/media/photos/29085

How far does it shoot with that galvanized pipe (?) resevior?

we have been charging it to about 100-115 psi, and with 2 compressors it takes about 15-20 seconds to fill. The t-shirt will go about 100-120 feet at the lower position. But when the barrel is raised, the T-shirt will go about 60-80 feet, but super high in the air, I have a ton of video that we shot yesterday, I just need time to edit it, and will post it up on youtube. Overall, It shoots awesome and at the distance we are shooting and where we will be at our school football games, the t-shirt will go right over the stands… So as far a s distance, it is all we will really need!!

Again, There are more pictures posted on that facebook link that I posted in the original post!

Now the real challenge is to write a program that will let you target a t-shirt a specific distance away from the robot :slight_smile:

Nice 'bot. Hope to catch a T-shirt out of it someday.

We are thinking about mounting another compressor but we manages to misplace the rubber standoffs to mount them. Is there anywhere they are available online? I couldn’t seem to find them on the where to get more list.


Our 2009 Lunacy robot is ready to go as a t-shirt launcher with no modifications. Just need to bundle the shirts to fit in the catapult.


Shoots about 35 ft., good enough for basketball games.

If you are having trouble with air flow capacity through your valve, try parelleling 2 or 3 valves together, so they share a source, and merge their output together. We actually did this on this robot to get the cylinder speed we needed.

They are #8-32 rubber shock mounts/vibration dampers; Vex Robotics sells identical ones (P/N LINK-RUBBER-832-4PK) on this page.

SDP/SI also sells #8-32 rubber shock mounts, and McMaster has a variety of them on page 1362.

Awesome! thanks, I was looking for a technical name for them, but couldn’t find one!!

Thanks again!!!


How much did this whole project cost?