pic: Team 1717 Panel

Those lifts were awesome, easy to get on and effective. I knew we were going to have a tough time beating your alliance with those lifts. Congrats on becoming finalists at San Diego.

Thanks Jackie, you guys were ridiculously tough to beat and the fact that you then had ramps scared us even more - even without them you guys were an obvious offensive powerhouse.

As for the panels, this is a good pic to show people the general gist of the design (minus the foam core sandwich structure element). It shows the fold out flaps and hinges, the back safelty rails/chassis extensions, as well as the locking mechanisms (barely visible). But most importantly, it shows the gas spring housings and the cables which release the springs.

Keep in mind that those panels you see are HUGE. 44" by 46" and have an area of well over 2000"

(Ps. Hey Ross, any inclination as to why the front of the panel is not seated flush with the carpet? Were we moving back or still dropping the panels?)

Don’t really know why they aren’t totally on the ground in this picture, but for anyone who has questions, they did sit flush on the ground in the competition…