pic: Team 1726 MegaMaid Motors/Chassis/electronic board

Introducing MegaMaid's chassis complete with motors and other cool gadgets.

Looks really good!! Everything seems to have fallen in nicely. Only thing you have left to do is some wire neaten-ing. I’m guessing those big cims are being used for your ball thresher? Keep up the good work!!


Looks pretty good. But, I’m wondering why that ATC panel is randomly populated, I don’t know about the ATC panels, but the IFI one performs better if populated in order. Anyway, a three speed from a rookie team is pretty impressive, although I’m a bit worried about your turning with those traction wheels and what looks like a 4WD. Overall, very nice, and further along than us.

Yeah, we are cleaning up the wiring and such, we’ve just had it on there for testing of all the components, etc, and now we are organizing the wires and improving the electronic board a little. We may also switch over to omni-wheels, we’ve left the last week open to testing that stuff out. Yep, the two big cims are for the “megamaid”. oh, and the atc panel was just kinda pluged in, we are also cleaning up that and making it look nice and work happy.

good luck to everyone this season!

thomas brown
team 1726 N.E.R.D.S.