pic: "Team 1731!"

Team 1731 is introduced prior to one of the finals matches at the NASA/VCU regional.

In my opinion was the best robot at the VCU competition. With their Hybrid mode that racked up points and then the simple yet effective method of hurdling that was extremely consistent all but till the end (I guess you guys had Pneumatic problems because you were looking for a cylinder, according to Pit Admin). Either way it was one of the most fun robots to watch at VCU!

Congratulations on a great season Fresta Valley!

Yeah. I watched the VCU webcast and these guys were pretty much the best I saw out there. Might have been as good if not better than the twins. They were a really effective hurdler. I am sure if they go to Atlanta they will go pretty far.

I have a couple other photos of teams being introduced, but they’re not as good as this one.

Thank you all for your kind remarks. We really enjoyed being at the NASA VCU Regional. Congratulations to the winners 435, 1086, and 1522. You guys played some really great matches! Thanks also to our alliance partners 1793 for some great strategy an 2108 for hanging in there with us. There are lots of pictures and videos on our website http://www.team1731.org and you are more than welcome to have a look.

Especially have a look at the 122 point match with 1598 and 1541 on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=enYWGe1xt1s . The video was taken by one of our team moms so it kind of follows our robot, but it gives a pretty good overview of the match.

We’re now headed to the Buckeye regional this coming weekend and can’t wait to be re-united with the Riveteer.