pic: Team 1732's 2006 robot visits the Humane Society

Dan and John take the robot for a chilly 10 block jaunt to the Humane Society to have it weighed on the Sunday afternoon before we shipped.

Sweet bot, let’s hear about the details.

Thanks Alex. We were 7 lbs over, so the team decided to lose the pneumatics and kept the 2 big and 2 small CIMs to propel the bot through AndyMark shifters, but keep it in low gear (or perhaps try shifting w/ servos). Being new at this, the drivers felt comfortable with this. Although the robot is nearly 5’ tall, C.G. is 14" off floor, so ramp climbing works pretty well going up backwards. The Globe powered conveyor loads balls from floor into helix. The center ‘turnstile’ driven by a F.P. gearmotor moves up to 16 balls upward into the CIM powered shooter, or to the rear for lower goal scoring. The shooter turret (Globe driven) rotates about 160 degrees and can be adjusted by operator via closed loop control. If and when the target is “seen”, the camera takes over turret control to (hopefully) lock onto target.

it’s really interesting how many teams are using helixes this year, and that some are using them to carry balls up, and some (like us) to carry them down. awsome design though. If you’ve got the weight, you might still be able to put just the pneumatic storage tanks on and run the cylinders at 40 psi. That could get you about 12 shifts or so before the tanks run out, which ought to be enough for one match.