pic: Team 176 Presents- "Ace 17"

Team 176 Aces High presents “Ace 17”


-8WD (6" 2012 KOP Wheels)
-Cimpleboxes geared for 12 fps
-Chassis Made out of 80/20 and 1/8" Aluminum Angle
-Delrin angles to aid barrier crossing

-Powered by a FP to a 16:1 BB transmission
-1.125" PVC Bar on custom hubs

-1" Gates timing belt powered by a BB RS-550 to a 64:1 BB transmission
-Guide rods to align balls to shooter
-Limit switches so that only three balls can be in the elevator

-4 4" Skyway Wheels
-2 BB RS-775s to a 4:1 BB transmission
-2 Feeders powered by BB RS-550 to a 16:1 BB transmission
-Custom Transmissions powered by Window motors for pitch/yaw
-Camera for auto aiming
-Can shoot from Key, Fender, and Half court

Bridge Manipulator:
-C-channel arm with 2 4" tetrix wheels
-Powered By a Van Door Motor to a 6:1 Chain reduction

Look forward to seeing you at Montreal and Connecticut

Those Tetrix wheels have GOT to go.

Sweet hat by the way. :rolleyes:

Looking good Aces, it was fun to pair up with you guys and 716 at Shakedown. I hope the final days of build allowed you to tune the shooter in. Good luck up in Canada.

They probably will.

Tetrix wheels have been removed due to a lack of weight. Apparently they’re not only bad at climbing polls, but they’re also heavy as bricks.

Oh, that hat? Yeah, I still owe Mr. Foss $20 for it apparently. :rolleyes:

We did take them off to test the new tensioning, but we did put them back on due to one of the mentors wanting them. We may find that in Montreal we need to remove them due to weight issues.