pic: Team 177 is quite puzzling

For my introductory business / entrepreneurship class at Olin we had to start our own businesses. My idea for a business was to make customized Rubik’s Cubes, and of course I couldn’t resist making one for myself. It came out pretty well.

The sides are: 177’s Logo, 177’s Crest, team photo from Philly last year, CAD model of 2007 robot, photo of 2006 drive team, and photo of 2006 robot.

Since we’re running the business for the rest of the semester, if you’re interested in this, shoot me a PM.

Ooo, those would make very nice promo items at competitions. How did you do them? I’ve seen customizable sticker sets sold commercially – did you buy those or manufacture your own? And perhaps more importantly, did you use good speedcubes? :wink:

That’s cool! :slight_smile: Imagine solving that and putting someone’s head on another person’s body…
You can make the claw go up in the air too!

Hey…I’ve seen this…

lol Nice one, Greg. Handing them out, or is that just for you?

I have spent at least fifty hours on my regular Rubik’s cube with 6 colors. If only you could change the tint of each side it might be easier but seeing as I can’t even get solid colors together, I see this as a way to keep me busy for the rest of my high school life. But I like Rubik’s cubes so I guess it’s not that bad if you really enjoy it…

One day Rubik, I will solve your cube!


I’d love to see you solve your creation…


It looks pretty impossible. There’s no point of reference, and there is only one possible solution (compared to how many for a 6 colored cube?!)

Very clever! That’s probably the coolest team souvenir I’ve seen yet.

I think the only difference between this and a normal cube is that each of the six center tiles must be in the correct orientation to count as ‘solved’. The first five faces should be easy enough to orientate the centers correctly as you go, but the final side may provide some problems. Even so, it’ll be right 25% of the time, so you could just mix it up and try again. :slight_smile:

Are you Greg, making money off my cad drawings?

Can I get one in solid blue?
I think I could solve that one.