pic: Team 177 Mosaic

This is a mosaic containing photos of our team from 2001 - 2006. In its full size, its about 90 megapixels and contains over a thousand individual images. We printed it out at four feet by four feet, and it will be above our pit at UTC on Friday and Saturday.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

How long did it take you to put that together? What programs did you use?

But yeah, it’s pretty sweet. Keep up the good work.

The name of the program is ANDREAMOSAIC. You select a file that you want the Mosaic to look like, then you select the folder you want to take the pictures from…it takes a while to render, but it ends up looking really cool. we also used some video frames for a lot of the darker pictures. I’m not sure where Greg got the program, you’ll have to ask him if you would like it.

We printed the Mosaic today on an hp desk jet 5000 plotter that our school has. It took about 10 minutes per quadrant to print and 5 to dry. The photo quality is awesome.

Last year we printed one about 1/4 of the size after the competition season was over. We decided to make a bigger one for our pit and we added a lot of pictures from this years build.

I think it is an AWESOME thing to just sit around and talk about, looking at all the pictures from years past and seeing how people have changed. It’s something that pulls a lot of our years of FIRST together

That was quick I just asked you to do that before we left the school. Just got home though and thought it looked great. This won’t be on displat at UTC until Friday in all liklihood. It didn’t fit in the truck we packed and will only fit in the bus at this point.


How in the world do you make that??!!! :ahh: