pic: Team 179 Playing Field

Here it is shown on the full length side. We're still working on the barriers.

So, I take it you aren’t planning on being able to go up 12" at a time?

Good job on the playing field. Are you able to keep the field set up? I’m sure most teams wish they had enough space to build a robot AND set up a full field. This will definitely help you out for testing the robot and driver training. :slight_smile:

aaaahhhh… im just envious right now of you guys being able to keep that garage door open and not freeze to death.

looks great though =). is this at your school?

this is the full offical field (low cost) with a feiw modifactions. The Swamp Shop is 5 garradge bays in Inlet grove High school 5000+ square feet we have a mill/lathe an entire welding shop and a tool lockup at out disposal it can be up all the time because it is exclusively our space Thanks to our verry Graciously profesonal Princpal, Michiel Murgio.

Oh, the Ball troughs are proudly Screwdriver operated