pic: Team 1796- 2017 Robot


Team 1796 is excited to reveal our 2017 robot for FIRST Steamworks- Sir Brutal Kangaroo.

We’ll be competing at the Hudson Valley Regional & the SBPLI Regional.

It’s a shame so few people know this team outside NYC. Really consistently solid robots each year.

Quoted for truth. I can’t wait to see this machine in action (albeit by watching livestreams). Good luck this season!

1796 continues to impressive me year after year. They really have been stepping up their game over the last few years building better and better robots every year. That hp station/intake gear mechanism looks deadly effective. Team 1796 is also one of the nicest teams I’ve ever met. In 2014 I remember visiting their pit as a freshman and being amazed on how friendly the entire team is. Excited to compete with you guys tomorrow.

Team 3171 will be rooting for you guys. Do us a favor and kick butt!

Team 1796 Chairman’s Video - https://youtu.be/swwNwX7VcV8

Thanks for the kind words everyone. Super excited to compete this weekend and see what Brutal Kangaroo can do.

@Akash I see you were on MORT. We are actually using Colsons with MORT inspired custom cut treads the team shared with us a few years ago.Thanks for sharing the great techniques. Teams like that allow teams like us to get better and better every year. And we just try turn around and do the same.

Best of luck to everyone competing.

Congratulations on securing a waitlist spot in St. Louis! We can’t wait to see you there…hopefully we’ll be in the same division?

Super happy to see you guys be recognized and make it to Einstein.

What a way to enter the world stage :slight_smile:

Keep it going!

We were ecstatic to pair with 1796 at Long Island this year, and were upset not only that we lost, but that 1796 wasn’t going to get to play at the World Championship. Luckily, 1796 got a waitlist spot and showed the world what’s up in Carson.
Congratulations on your Einstein appearance! Hopefully we’ll get to play more together someday when NY goes districts.

Was 1796 planning to apply to IRI this year? (you should)

What an honor it was to play with Team 1796 and take home the Carson Division Title with them. The entire team were total pros and played like one of the best teams in the game. The robot was well constructed and extremely reliable. The pit crew worked quickly and efficiently. The coaching was world class. We wouldn’t have gotten to Einstein without them.

Congratulations on a great season and a great robot. We’d happily play with you guys anytime.