pic: Team 180 S.P.A.M. Stuck in Team 386 Voltage at Tempest N Tampa 2008


How does this happen??

haha wow

TNT was crazy 1557 is definatly going to try and go next year

oh and did anyone see when 1557 and combatt 21 got stuck together they closed their ball grabber right as we were lifting out forks and we got stuck dident think to take a picture though

I was wondering this myself and I was just about to post something on the tnt forum if anyone had a pic of it. I looked away from the match for like not even three seconds and looked back and saw the two stuck together. TNT was great. :smiley:

But seriously how did it happen? Does any one know?

I got to watch from the sidelines, S.P.A.M was perpendicular to Voltage and as S.P.A.M went forward Voltage went backward and the wheel got wedged into the bot. It was crazy to watch.

The real crazy part was that we had to take part of the Voltage robot off to get the SPAM robot out.

This was the same driver who dragged our side panel and radio modem around the field by the antenna wire. :ahh:

At least this time they hit the E-stop.