pic: team 1807 electronics after wiring help

after about 7-8 hours of work today, i was able to do the wiring on the robot. a big thanks to Brett Buchanan [http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=64206] for his guide on wiring. if only i had known that a month ago i could have put it into the final submission. oh well, next year perhaps.

Hey, nice job. Don’t worry about no wires, many other teams have not all or no wires. If you look at last year’s finalists you’ll notice the same.
Next year you’ll know much more about Inventor and everything will go faster!
Good luck to you for this years competition and if you don’t know how something works, don’t hesitate to ask…have you seen 1983s submission? That electronics board took a lot of time… we did not have much space for it and so the wires are very close together.
Good job and good luck, we’ll know soon who made the final…