pic: Team 1816's Robot

Here’s a picture of Team 1816’s bot at the Wisconsin regional, on its way to a score in the corner goal. Net on the front is for blocking low shooters. We can score 10 balls with almost 100% certainty, play great defense and get on the ramp. Picture is from the Wildstang photo album (I didn’t know who to ask for it, so PM me if there’s an issue).

How do you guys load?

Hehe :o . We can’t. We are a one time scorer, but we are consistent. We found out at the regional that our bot was so suited to play defense that we prevented more points from being scored than we would’ve scored, so in matches it’s not that much of an issue.

In case anyone else was wondering what we have instead of wheels on the front of the robot, they’re “nubs.” High impact plastic nubs that slide really easily, making us quite maneuverable.

When my team and I saw your “nubs” it looked like you cut down a red wood and used them as sides.

That’s 'cause the nubs are attached to 4x4s. :wink:

Yeh we just saw the 4*4’s. It was a great robot that matched up well with the alliance and truly dominated 2 martian robots in the finals. Hats off to you guys.