pic: Team 1817 Teaser

A look at our CNC Milled Wheels. These will be a part of a 2 speed, 6 wheel base.

Nice finish on those babies … Looks like you’ve got some SERIOUS resources for a rookie team. :ahh:

It almost makes me doubt the validity of that high team number … :yikes:

This is a look at our new wheels that we just got from our machine shop. They will be part of a 2 speed, 6 wheel base and are looking for some help on whats the best way to add traction and make them carpet legal.

We were thinking about

  1. Roughtop Conveyor Belt
  2. Wedgetop Conveyor Belt
  3. Paint on Rubber tool coating
  4. Anything else?

I have been researching tread here on CD and found many teams use this conveyor belting, but some have talked about it has too much lateral traction which made Turning difficult. Some solutions I have read about is to drop the center wheels just slightly I was wondering is there any other ideas to deal with this, like choosing one of the other Traction materials. (I have SBR Roughtop coming to me) Maybe SBR roughtop on the middle wheels and other type of tread on the other 4.

We were also trying to get some ideas on carpet legal ways to attach this traction.

  1. Pop Rivets (similar to IFI wheels)
  2. Tapped holes/countersunk screws.

I’m 1 of 2 veterans helping our brand spanking new rookie team here at Texas Tech. Both of us are running around trying to help the different sub-systems and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Well there are 2 of us from The Robonauts Team 118 who had a dream of starting a team all the way out here in Lubbock, TX. Now that its real we have been passing on the knowledge we learned from our years on 118 to this rookie team.

Working here at Texas Tech we are working with a bunch of great engineering students and professors. They help us get designs together. We also have access to some pretty mean equipment like the HAAS CNC Mill that Mechanical Engineering used to make these wheels.

yuuummmm… they are soooooo coool. How much do those beast weigh?

everything is bigger in texas, even the weight limit.

As for your treading, I’d reconmend Wedgetop for the wheels that you want to put a lot of the turning load on. Mix and match different treads that’ll help you turn the smoothest as well as gettting good traction moving forward. Most teams use screws to attach the tread, but remember Rivets pack a lot of power in a light mass (so you can use a bunch!)

Welcome to the competition 1817

To speak candidly, Man those suckers are light.(spoken with a true Texas Accent) They are 6 in diameter, 1 in wide. If I had to guess on weight, about 1-2 pound-ish. We are also using the aluminum IFI sprockets on them. that helps. I would bet the all the chain we are using the run these guys are going to weigh more than the wheels themselves.

Nice, very nice. I’m anxious to see the finished product, especially since the Robonauts were such a force last year. Sounds like this rookie team is definitely off to a good start :slight_smile:

um yea. holy crap.
we’re gonna try the roughtop this year. we got some wedgetop to try too just in case tho

That is very heavy. Especially if you are having 6 of them. Last year, we machined similarly sized wheels that were about 0.7 lbs each and I still thought they were too heavy.

For tread, contrary to popular belief, I would say that incline conveyor belting is not the be all, end all of FRC tread materials. We had a 6wd setup last year, with the center ones lower, and wedgetop tread. I hate driving that thing. Too much traction (yes, there is such a thing). Anyway, we will not be using that tread this year.

Here’s a thought for tread. What about taking those wheels down to a truck outfitter that applies the spray in bed lines, like Rhino Liner. They could very quickly apply an extremely rugged, rough top like surface that should grip like a guerrilla.

Well tonite we are coating the wheels with rubber tool handle coating, stuff we bought from Lowe’s. We are thinking on running all 6 wheels on this stuff, or running the middle 2 with SBR Roughtop and the rest on this tool coating. We tested the tool coating by putting it on aluminum flatbar and rubbing it on diamond plate and that stuff doesn’t want to peel off, plus it should gives us the traction we want.

With our 6 wheel drive, and 2 speed transmission, we are trying to be able to be a pushbot and help other teams on the ramp. So we want good traction on the diamond plate and carpet, while still being able to turn well(just like everybody else).

On the weight issue, sure they may be relatively heavy, but to us they are fine. We are thinking low CG to be a push bot. Our steel frame, 2 speed transmission, and wheels may take up alot of weight, but our ball interaction system, should be relatively light ~20lbs. Now we just have to leave room in our weight budget for the rotating light and battery. :wink:

Now my next question to everybody is, the people who took the strategy of lowering the middle two wheels, how much should we lower them. Is the added size of adding roughtop SBR to the center wheels not enough or too much. By adding spacers under the pillow blocks of our axles we have the ability to get any kind of height differently we want.

Thanks again for all the suggestions,

Probably no more than 1/4 inch, and 1/8" would be better. You just want to have that middle wheel low enough that you get a slight rock on a flat floor. If your roughtop is thicker than the other stuff you should be fine without the drop. If thinner, you’ll want more drop.

i dont thnk rhinoliner will be all too grippy. but it will be waterproof. ive heard line-x is better tho.

Nice job on the surface finish btw. It is easy to see your machinist knows what he’s doing.