pic: Team 1872

Well this team 1872’s baby, we come from Puerto Rico and we are looking forward to test our robot, El Jibarito, out on the UCF arena on Florida this next week. This is our rookie year so we aimed to “keep it simple” meaning we made our robot a compact “pick-upper” shooting for the bottom goal.

Well, what do you guys think? XD

i love it! do you guys have any problems of the balls coming back out after shooting into the goal?

Thats a nice looking bot. I love the chain guards.

That collector and feeder system is so simple you all most don’t see it at first glance. :] Two pulleys and one belt; we have 28 pulleys & 15 belts driving 13 rollers :rolleyes:

Good Luck in Competition!

We pick them up from the front, we have a little conveyor belt on the back.

we only have problems of the balls coming out of the goal when the goal has too many balls inside

Do you have any problems with ball escaping sideways in the harvester? Also, are you guys sure your flag holder (I’m assuming it’s the little tube behind the collector) is high enough? You need to have the top of a 3-foot tube at least 1 foot above your robot, but less than 6 feet, and held by a 1-foot tube. By my calculations (using the ball in the picture and guesstimating), you need it about a foot higher. Other than that, nice and simple.

na the ball doesn’t escape sideways on the harvester, the belt is runing so fast that it only takes a second for one ball to get in. And thanks a lot about the tube thing, I did not know that it had to be a foot over the robot

Great looking bot! I’m definitely going to have to swing by your pits take a look at this next Thursday.

I like your use of gravity

very interesting choice about control panel though, it’s the first time I haven’t seen victors, controllor, etc nowhere near the base.

looks great! can you go up the ramp? do you have an autonomous?
can’t wait to see it at UCF

yeah we can go up the ramp, the back part of the robot is pushed by a piston; so it goes up and we can go up the ramp easily

the piston is not showed on this picture, we added it afterwards :smiley:

Goo luck my fellow Boriquas! :smiley: