pic: Team 1872's controller board


Well here you go folks, team 1872’s controller board. Video coming soon!

Cool, but IT’S a bit large, did you make shure it will fit on the shelf?

Looks like it could be used like a DDR pad

looks cool, how does it work?

looks like a giant nintendo controler!

We have a winner!!
And yes, it will fit :wink:

Ha, it looks cool. I’m guessing the Nintendo controller look is just a nonfunctional decoration under lexan, and the actual buttons/joysticks for controlling the robot will be placed on top of it?

the dimensions for it are 12’’ x 45’’ so yeah it will fit in the shelf and its approx. 2’’ high

-The red buttons will have big holes(not bigger than the actual red circle to fit the joysticks.
-The “d-pad” will have another hole for the “arm” joystick
-The space above the would be start/select buttons will have a square hole for the operator interface.

EDIT: All the cables for switches and pushbuttons would be under the top sheet.

you guys must be big nintendo fans lol, you should made a giant Wii-mote.:smiley: We have a custom made sheet metal box that folds up for easy carrying.