pic: Team 188 Grabber

This was designed and made by Philip Wang a grade 10 student.

This grabber was designed and built by Philip Wang one of our grade 10 students. This grabber holds 2 tetras that can be released one at a time or both together.

I can’t wait to see you guys at work here in L.A in couple of weeks!

Looks eerily familiar (see my signature). I’m glad we weren’t the only one that could do this (we got the Innovation in Control Award at Phoenix for it). Can you guys “swing” a tetra around so you don’t need to be above a goal. How can you release one tetra at a time while grabbing more than one?

Looks cool!


Heh, Innovation in Control went to 1006 at Pittsburgh this round for their use of the vision camera in autonomous.

We arent able to swing the tetra around because we raise and lift the entire mechanism on an elevator lift system, which was proving to be somewhat troublesome in Pittsburgh, though we are confident that these problems have been ironed out by now. We are able to release on at a time because there are two levels of grabber claws with two seperate pistons attached. One button drops the bottom set of claws, while the other drops both claws at once. The clicking sound it makes is quite satisfying indeed =P.

To Team 22, some of us saw you in FLR during week 1, and we seriously cant wait to get down to California. I think even I have had enough winter weather for this year. (Insert more typically Canadian comments here)

What fits perfectly snug on a tetra? Another tetra of course! Now give the tetra two levels of claws AND allow the claws to move freely in an up direction to easily accept a tetra but require pneumatic actuation to move in a down direction to individually drop two tetras and voila! You have team 188’s tetra grabber designed by yours truly. Watch out Waterloo and South California regionals! Championships too once we get there!


If you like this grabber, give the boy above me some rep points =)…

He deserves them! hahah.


dang… this is nice… too bad we won’t get to see it at GTR :frowning:

I love the carabiner style action. Seems oddly familiar.

Show me the videos when you get them up! And good luck in Waterloo.

looks pretty sweet to me

very nice. how long did it take to work out the kinks in that? seems like it’d have a lot to me…

Well, finding kinks and fixing them is an ongoing process, but in total to make this thing, it took about four weeks maybe. A wooden prototype was built in 2-3 days, the next prototype took about a week and was used to figure out the location of the claws, the shoulder bolts used as pulleys and how to make that top piece connecting the three posts. The final product took nearly three weeks. I admit, it could have been completed in two weeks but everybody has their off-days right? Not too many kinks with this grabber though. Strings jammed, but solved. It needed to be able to rotate but spring back to its original position and took a day to incorporate it into the design. Whatever kinks there were, they were quite easy to overcome.