pic: team 1881's trans V2


The second verison of teams 1881’s 2 speed ball lock shifter transmission.

This is the second verison of the 2 speed ball-lock transmission that team 1881 is designing. some major changes have been made to the gearing. The new gear set is:
12t-60t main hub driving
Suggestions and commments would be helpful, thank you

Depending on the size of the wheels you are planning on using, you may want to reduce the ratio further, but that can also be done after the gearbox (typically via chain and sprocket). But for a 5-6" that is probably around where you want.

Excellent work. Your well on your way to perfection. most of what’s left has to do with the tools ability to create the shapes you want. liek square corners, matching tangents and milling pockets. and most importantly Placing your holes where they need to be.

I curious why you decided to go from low to high to mid, instead of going in order? Do you have some strategy behind this…if so enlighten us.

Its only a two speed transmission; low-high. The large gear furthest from the front seen on the bottom (input) shaft is the mate for the two small gears on the CIM motors. It has no paired gear up on the top (output) shaft. It just provides CIM power to the constantly locked on bottom gears so they may spin the free-wheeling-until-locked gears up top.