pic: Team 1889 - HAZE logo

This is the logo I have designed for Team 1889, HAZE, from Wellington, Florida. I chose a tribal design reminiscent of curls of smoke (inspired by the team name). Enjoy! :slight_smile:

I like the design very much - it’s cool.
And…it is purple!


Very nice, did someone draw that?

yes. jaine Came up with that and spent all day one day drawing things out and she came up with that. I love it. the responce from the students is awesome.

Yup, I drew it freehand (well, through my laptop mouse) in Adobe Photoshop Elements. Not exactly professional grade, but I am pleased with the result. :slight_smile:

That is some darn good work… I’m jealous. :smiley:

I can’t say I am suprised Jaine is a great artist, I have seen her work before it’s all very amazing. The logo looks great good luck to you Jaine, Tytus, Mr. Dillard and 1889.


I Want To Say Thank you. I’m a member Of Team 1889 and the logo is awesome. thank you:yikes: :slight_smile:

That is pretty sick.