pic: Team 188's New t-shirt logo

The latest addition to a Team 188 members wardrobe.

that is very cool…i really like the design!!
Alicia Albrecht
Electrical Subteam
The Robettes 2177

Is it going to be a full front design? I was just curious because you have a really great but complex design and if I were to try to get that made it would cost a lot per shirt.

On another note, will you guys still have the well known 188 Jerseys this year?


Yes, this will cover pretty much the frontside of the t-shirt and i believe we have already settled on a cost for the t-shirt. We had a student who was amazingly skilled in photoshop come up with this.

The well known 188 Jerseys are still the primary piece of clothing you’ll see us wearing despite having a 188 polo shirt, hoody, retro-shirt and hat. People on our team still wear the hoodies you guys once gave us.

On a side note, its always good to hear from team 4. Glad you haven’t forgotten us. Maybe we might see you in Atlanta if we can break our curse and win a regional.:rolleyes:

Wowzer’s, that is sick!

Wow, that is awesome.

I want one :slight_smile:

Looks amazing. Only think I dont like is the word “blizzard”. I think it needs to stick out a little more. Other than that these will be awesome shirts. If you tweaked the dimensions you could make a nice desktop wallpaper from this.

For all interested buyers, Team 188 is pleased to announce that we’re providing these shirts free of charge to our friends south of the border. Of course, factoring in the exchange rate, plus shipping and handling costs, the total cost comes out to a mere $188. :smiley:

Great design. I’d buy one.

nice, i like it

I like it, great design I would wear that any day.

For those actually wondering, we did have a small number of extra shirts of various sizes made.

We WILL be selling them at Rochester and GTR, although the price is still being determined!


As neat as these shirts are, remember that you’re not permitted to anything at events. Your best bet is to sell them in advance, and deliver them at the events.

THAT’S JUST COOL ! It looks like an amazing shirt design a lot of time must’ve gone into it the graphics are amazing but will all the details appear fully on the shirt after printing?