pic: Team 19 has done it again

I think team 19 is getting out of our funk. Major kudos if you can guess what this is. Bigger kudos if you can guess the age of the person who designed it.

Who said it's too early for teaser pics?

Let’s see, there is two CIM motors in the back, and a FP motor in the front. There is also a censored square in the middle in the picture. I’d guess that this is a new shifting, planetary gearbox/transmission, with some special feature - hence the blackened area. The yellow pieces may indicate that there is a belt in it, maybe to act as a clutch.

EDIT: The big circular piece may be a wheel, indicating that this is a transmission built into a wheel. This sounds familiar… Did Dave Lavery have anything to do with this? :yikes:

Hmm. Freshman? Maybe sophomore?

any chance that the blacked out area is the detail of the cvt you have designed. at least that is what i am assuming with the v-pulleys you have there…so this would be a 2 motor “In wheel” combination cvt and planetary gearbox…sweet

have you figured how much this might weigh? and what your efficiency would be on the cvt?

I’d go with either a cvt or a ivt and I guessing 16
because i’m 16 and I myself am designing a cvt for our robot next year
we just need to get access to the machining resources to make it

I’m guessing the FP actuates a lead screw.


Dave Lavery had nothing to do with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, it was a freshman :yikes: … brownie points to you.

There’s no clutch… although its an interesting idea (flywheels and launch starts, anyone?).

Boston Gear’s “Bostspec” system, with CAD files of all their products is extremely handy, for those who aren’t familiar with it and want to get into gearbox design. It’s extremely intuitive after a short learning curve. PM me if you want to talk transmissions.


i agree. it looks like an in-wheel two speed gear box, to me. or maybe a new take on the CCT?

do we get any more hints?

do we get any more hints?

hehe no.



Gee, thanks for the comment. I didn’t know I had a reputation for wanting to take credit for someone else’s work. I will be more careful from now on.

I apologize. It was an ill-concieved joke which clearly had too much ambiguity to be funny. In no way, shape, or form was my comment intended as a negative reflection on your character. I did not see this ambiguity before I posted, and for that I am deeply sorry.


I’m really sorry if that joke has caused any misconceptions. :o

It just reminded me of how the transmission for the Mars rovers are built into the wheel itself.

for the purpose of varying the pulley diameters?
that would be majorly sweet!
however i wouldn’t think that you would need all the FP’s power for that
and i think that without the gear box the FP would be to fast the control the ratios with any control