pic: Team 190 - Curious Ken is at it again


Well, Curious Ken just never learns his lesson… Once again he demonstrates what NOT to do when a 130 lb. robot is hanging… :slight_smile:

Man! That Curious Ken never learns! Curiousity killed the cat… hopefully not the monkey too!

Maybe he’s just trying to get a little closer to that gear box… it looks mighty pretty :slight_smile:

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this teaser

Looks like some teams got thier robot done early and have time to monkey around. :smiley:

Curiousity may have killed the kat but satisfaction brought him back!

Looks like another successful robot for Team 190, and another succesful bar hanger. Good luck to you guys this year but try and cut out the monkey business :LOL:

Is that a previous year’s robot I see in the background? Or do you guys have more than 1? Or did you have a scrimmage this weekend so other robots were present? Basically…what is up with that other robot in the background?

Being a 13 year team, we have lots of old robots hanging around the shop. One thing we don’t have is the time or energy to build a second robot. We’re going to ship, take finals, then hit regionals the first two weekends. Building a second robot is completely out of our sight…

We’ll be heading to the UTC Scrimmage this weekend (feb 21st) to see how well the 'bot fairs in competition.

Not quite…

Are you referencing the Formula SAE WPI racecar??? :yikes: