pic: Team 190: Mission Accomplished

As always, team 190 is done in week two. We were hoping to make it a little earlier, but the banner only made it to us yesterday.

What can we all say but, WOW! Week 2 thats amazing, so I will start with guessing

It has to be something tall cause that guy is leaning against it

Nice try, Ken.:smiley:

Great JOB!!! Now how can I apply the same short process you used into 3 Turkish teams who don’t have 3/16 hex-wrenches, drills, chain breakers, or basic 1/16th raw aluminum panels to use.

Oh by the way everything they have in the stores is Metric, that includes wood (for bumpers) and extra screws for assembly.

Another challenge is they have completely different stores for all their wares. Tools is one store, wood another store and electronics another store. Don’t forget each store is in its own part of the City and the city is 20-30 miles long (Ankara & Istanbul).

Dave Mc. and Steph H. please think of us…

Darin Gee (aka Diana Gee minion)

I’ll let you in on a secret - 190 is telling the truth!

No, I haven’t seen the robot - but they have a secret weapon.

See that kid all the way to the left? He may look familiar. You may recognize him from a certain commercial. He’s also a celebrity on BBC India.

He’s the fastest electrician in New England, and although we were very sad to see him retire, we are proud that his good work is carrying on elsewhere.

Good, maybe no one will snowflake this term, then.

good job guys! all i can tell from this is that its on the taller side.

or is that just something in his pocket?

You guys forgot one thing: eliminate the spies. S.P.A.M. (180) slipped in, and you didn’t even notice. How do you expect to keep your design and strategy a secret when you can’t tell when you’re being spied on?

Clearly they forgot to set their Anti-SPAM filter before the build season…:stuck_out_tongue:

Do I spy with my little eye a set of tracks? (Zoom in on the picture lower right edge of the black box)
Also note the person behind the bot appears to be resting their hand on something above the noticed snipet.

Those are a set of keys which have something that looks like a wrench hanging off of it.

Now the next question is, how many students missed class to get the robot done? :wink:

That particular set has 3 keys to various rooms on campus, my WPI ID and a pretty blue anodized beverage opener, all on a carabiner . There are, however, other robot parts visible in this picture.

Is this like the last time we saw a mission accomplished banner? You guys still have another 4-6 years of work don’t ya? :wink:

I got a good laugh out of this. Good work.

Can’t wait to see the results.

Wow I haven’t heard that anyone use that term in years. If you snowflake due to FIRST you definitley have your priorities wrong.

We all know WPI never finishes a robot until BattleCry, and then it’s really more abandonment than finishing.

I’ve got a mole…errrr “graduate” on the inside. Rumor has it that it’s not even Ken Stafford in the photo as he apparently was seen flying over the midwest in search of “inspiration” from the likes of 71, 111, and others at the time the photo was taken. Instead, that soldier is a cleverly disguised cyborg programmed in recent months by none other than the infamous Brad Miller (actually in photo). As for the Cyborg’s capabilities and what exactly is behind the question mark, I’ve been told that only the government knows. :wink:

Something else appears to be missing… Are the high school students wearing red and white striped shirts and am I supposed to find them?

One of the unique aspects of Team 190 is that there’s only a 1-2 year age difference between the students and mentors. All of our high school students are juniors and seniors, and in some cases are older than the college students who mentor them.

There are a number of high school students in this photo, but I like your waldo idea. Thus, the game is afoot! The first non-Team-190 member to correctly identify all the high school students in this photo will get…drumroll please

A copy of the original Shoe Wheel concept rendering, signed by the inventor Dave McLaughlin!*

Good Luck!

*subject to availability of Dave McLaughlin, some restrictions may apply. Offer available to US residents only. The Shoe Wheel is ©2010 Team 190. Current members of Team 190, and their immediate family are ineligible for this prize. Team 190 reserves the right to substitute the prize for another of equivalent value at any time, without notice.

i think i know whos keys those are.

And here I thought I was alone. Through a variety of circumstances, I’m mentoring a high school team during my freshman year in college. I’m currently 17 years old, and I try not to bring this up lest the students stop treating me like I’m someone worth respecting. :slight_smile: