pic: Team 190 WPI blocking the bars!


Here is a shot of us, Team 213, The Dirty Birds, being denied the Bar and our chance to hang!!! Nice Design!

I thought this was one of the best preventative hanging bots around! I think one or two bots did sneak under them in one match, but other than that they were flawless. They hung just after autonomous in every match I saw them in, and their wings on the side were very well designed. I’m not sure if they ever went up against TRIBE, but if they did then it would have been quite a battle for that bar!

Nope. I do not believe that 190 went up against us (TRIBE 237) but we hope that the alliance pairings at Battlecry or even the finals setup will allow us to go against them.

It’s the flying goat! :smiley:

190 was an incredible piece of work… definitely my favorite robot on Curie. (Well, aside from ours, that is. ;))

We had the privaglage (SP?) of choosing 190 for our partners on Curie. They were our first pick off the bat, and I am greatly surprised that they didn’t get picked ahead of time seeing as how we were the number 5 seed. Being able to hang flawlessly in autonomous is a feat in and of itself, but after talking with thier advisor, I learned that they had a program to grab the 2x ball off of the center platform THEN hang. They could also squeeze thje stationary goal together to prevent capping (they did this in our QF match vs. BUZZ). All in all one of the most impressive robot out there this year. Unfortunatly things didn’t swing in our favor due to a coach’s error on our part, but I do hope we get to work together in the future again.

I did not get a chance to see this action, but it sounds to me like that would fall on the rule on goal tending(?) Maybe someone can explain it a little better, and inform me as to why it is not considered goal tending.

I am pretty sure that goal tending only applies when small balls are being shot into the goal. There is nothing against preventing a cap by an opposing team.

Does anyone know of any closeups of this beast? I personally haven’t seen the wings deployed, only saw 190 carting their bot to the field…

I’m pretty sure that the rule for goal tending applies only if the 5pt balls touch the opposing robot in some fashion that prevents the ball from going into the goal. Team 190 squeezed the PVC pipes together in such a way the the 5pt balls could still go in, the HP’s would just have a smaller basket to make the shot into. This came up in our second QF match at Nats, thats how I know. If you wanna see team 190 in action I suggest going to this link: Soap 108 and downloading either Quarterfinal 2 Match 1 or 2…make sure you have paper towles handy to wipe up all the drool you’re bound to produce after seeing this bot in action!

The goaltending rule only applies to small balls and placing a robots arm directly into the stationary goal to prevent scoring a 2x. 190 simply “hugged” the goal so that the 2x wouldnt fit in. A great robot and a great strategy. Definetly my favorite robot of the year…

I think WPI has a sick design there… I love it… I don’t even think at Beantown Blitz we faced or played with them in a match… I would have loved to play with good old 190… Hopefully in the next competitions… See you guys hanging around…

I’ve watched that match (QF2.2) many times because I’m convinced that it was the most exciting match played on Curie field, but I’d never noticed before that 190 was actually squeezing the goal… that’s a great strategy.

On a side, our strategy in that match was to see if we could rack up any goaltending penalties against 190 by bouncing 5-point balls off their arm when it was in the goal. I know we got one… I think it was at 00:42 to go in QF2.2. I guess 190’s strategy has its ups and downs.

Once again, great job on your robot, 190. I remember the first time I saw your bot in action… the match started, I looked down at my overpriced Georgia Dome food, heard the horn indicating the start of driver control. I was rather surprised to see a robot already hanging, so I had to stick around to see it again and again. Congrats on your award, too.

Oh man thats a rough match… I remember watching it and I just watched it again… Suspenseful to the very end… Nice try 190 but great job and smart thinking by Buzz’s tough bot…