pic: Team 1902 Ships Robot


Here’s a photo of ‘Exploding Bacon’ sending off her rookie robot. The day has come for the pigs to fly.

teehee aint it purdy.

Our team did a great job with the crate, Its kind of hard to see but its a pig strapped to a rocket. I’m just glad its over and their all moving out of my garage!!!

Dr. Evil would be proud of you!

I wish that I could’ve seen the robot. But I wish you well at your regional.

are you guys really wearing shorts? i’m real jealous right now.

It was about 78 degrees in Orlando yesterday; shorts are pretty much worn all year here.

Ha ha ha

evil glare, as i sit here in a coat and still wishing i had another one

There is a video here http://media.putfile.com/Robots-gone-wild check it out and see what you think, there are a few pictures of the completed robot around chiefdelphi

I think its funny that george had to do it for robby, them wallaces, they stick together.

We had students show up to work in shorts when it was 25 degrees out. It’s about state of mind, not temperature.