pic: Team 1902 Teaser

This is a teaser involving Dan Richardson formerly of 710. 1902 is a “rookie” team consisting of former students of team 1083, new students, as well as mentors from 1083, 180, 710, and 21. How could a golf club be useful in an accurate launching system? Hmmm…

It looks as if the only person doing anything constructive is the girl in the back reading :rolleyes: . Although I suppose there could be some programming going on.

Nice form though dude…

Heh, Constructive doesn’t always mean building things. Sometimes especially during stressful situations like build season, levity is what is really needed.

Hopefully the whole team will be taking a trip to the driving range soon, because my build team took the home made driving range out of my garage when i said they could use it to build.

You are wearing sandals in January…this should be enough of a success

But shouldn’t they be golf sandals??