pic: Team 190's new robot

Team 190 built a new robot for the remaining two off-seasons to give our new members some actual driving practice. It made finals at Bash at the Beach along with our partners 121 and 238.

haha, like the top. How fast does it go?

top speed is around 14-15fps. Not blisteringly fast, but good enough to get 9-10 laps a match

Darn blue shells…


It looks alot smaller then 102’s Orion… I wonder which of the 2 can do my laps :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like to see those 2 go at it for 2:20 :D.

how much does that? weigh? dimensions?

Robot Specs:

Bare weight: 25 lbs

Operational weight (With battery and bumpers): 39 lbs

Dimensions (without bumpers): 14" x 22"

Drivetrain: RWD, 2 8" skyway wheels with roughtop, direct drive from toughboxes, 1 CIM per side. Front wheels are 5" custom omnis

Top Speed: 15fps

oh man mario kart brings back some memories

u should have put a yoshi doll on it

Orion is 13x16

And I’d love to see those 2 bots go at it… gonna turn Orion into Yoshi :stuck_out_tongue: haha

Team 2016 would join in with 11 laps both at Chesapeak and in Atlanta. Came in second behind Orion at Centenial Park too…

I just purchased an old N64 and Mario Cart 64 just about two weeks earlier. I almost fell over when I saw that at Bash. Considering how well it did, I would say it was true to form.

Oh, and you guys should install 2 more CIMs for River Rage.

What happens when it hits the #1 seed?

We were thinking about adding two more CIM’s, but right now we are basically traction limited as far as acceleration is concerned. Also, the gearing for the Toughbox makes is such that an extra CIM per side will only improve our acceleration slightly, and our top speed even less.

Since there were no seeds at Bash, we will have to see what happens at River Rage :).

what do you mean skyway wheel with roughtop did you remove the grey rubber stuff and put tread on it?

Sort of. We added added a high-traction material to the edge of the wheel. Because there’s practically no weight on the rear wheels and that the Skyway wheels have a very low coefficient of friction, we had some huge traction issues. While it was cool to have the robot do donuts and drifts all the time, it made it almost impossible to turn effectively.

To add the tread, we practiced with the robot until there was a flat edge on the top of the wheel (if you are doing this at home, I would do this with a lathe). We then drilled an 1/8 inch pilot hole through the tread and the wheel, then fastened it with a drywall screw into the wheel’s rim. If you want to do this, insert screws on alternate sides of the wheel at about 30 degrees apart.

oh so you left the gray stuff on there and screwed the tread to the flat spot ok

how long did it take?

and is the rubber removable if you could just remove it all and get to the plastic rim you could rivet the tread to that right?

It took us about 1/2 hour to cut the tread and attach it to the wheels. If you have the tools or time, you certainly could remove the gray tread from the wheel before attaching the traction material. I would chuck it in a lathe and cut it away.

Back when 330 put tread on Skyways, we’d use a belt sander. Put the wheel on an axle (with bearings), then hold it at an angle to the sander’s travel until it was the desired thickness/flatness. After a certain point, you’ll hit black in spots–stop there, it’s the plastic.

oh that works cause we dont have a lathe

so then will the ifi tread work or do i have to get a special tread

IFI should work. You could also get some conveyor belting from McMaster (roughtop, wedgetop, or nitrile).