pic: Team 192's Engineering Excellence Awards

Team 192 won Engineering Excellence for our drive gearbox at all three regionals the team attended this year. The Hub City regional, Wisconsin Regional, and Silicon Valley Regional.

I see that the belts from the motors were swapped top-to-bottom and a tensioner added. Did your team find problems with the bridged belt slipping? Excellent work, by the way.

The bridged belt itself was sound, however when I was calculating the belt path in Inventor I accidentally referenced the wrong dimension and ended up with a path 4mm too short. This resulted in the serpentine belt slipping over the output pulley under high torque.

A shorter belt to fit wasn’t an option but I was able to use an existing bolt to create an idler with R4a bearings. I swapped the belts to reduce the distance the idler (and the pulleys) would be cantilevered.

Thanks! :slight_smile: