pic: Team 192's go to test base

This base was originally built in the fall of 2011 to test the prototypes of the 2012 worm gearbox. http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=103006

Since, it has been used for driver practice and as a test bed for new electronics and robot mechanisms seeing at least 100 hours of run time every year. The original worm gear boxes have never required maintenance and show no sign of giving up any time soon.

What kind of efficiency do the worm gearboxes have? I’ve seen that design before (powder coated red) and sold by Andymark. Worm gears either have decent efficiency (~85%) or not so good (~50%). It certainly seems very robust.

Seconded. I thought you used a 4-lead worm there, which is supposed to get above 80% efficiency, but it would be interesting if you actually recorded efficiency values.

This has been our go to chassis. When the RoboRIO came out it was installed on this chassis along with new motor controllers. This allowed testing new controls with out any other issues. Last year in the fall besides normal driver and controls training we used for a competition in which 6 groups from our team mounted their mechanisms for a competition that was a timed event. Next was used for a tee shirt shooting robot. During build it was used as a moving chassis to test some of the prototype mechanisms that went into our 2015 robot. Then it went back to driving and software testing. This year the 2011 chassis has been just as busy. The structure that you see mounted was used Dec. 14 in a soccer ball gathering and shooting game with out 2016 prototype chassis. We had two classes given a game prompt and then 4 weeks to come with a robot. On Dec. 15 the 2011 chassis was back to driver and controls training. This is a very busy and reliable chassis.:slight_smile:

192 has a good history of amazing gearboxes posted to CD. This particular gearbox looks like it’s discussed here though that’s not meant to discourage further discussion :wink:

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