pic: Team 1930 Controls

The joysticks were originally expo markers and the cumpass was originally an easy button. One of our freshmen who was on the electrical team also has worked on pinball and arcade machines, so we were able to get spare parts for the controls from him.

Looks sweet. You’ll likely win the theme award again this year.

Will the battery last straight until morning once you align it with the second star to the left?

Very arcade-esque. Nice job guys!

Love the buttons! Makes it seems like your operator is playing that Bust A Move game or Street Fighter :stuck_out_tongue: haha

to get the ball over the over pass : up, up, down, down, left, right, kick!

I know this is late I haven’t been on in a LONG time, but yeah we got the buttons from one of our team members. Him and his dad take old arcade machines, fix them up, and then re-sell them.

Hehehe you should’ve programmed the konami code into your bot and have it do something cool.

does anyone know where to order the arcade buttons, thanks

We order ours from Tornado Terry’s Surplus. Mention LASA Robotics and, ummmm, he probably won’t know what you’re talking about… :rolleyes:


eBay typically has a pretty large selection of them as well.