pic: Team 1930's Electronics Box

Our electronics box for this year. The box is able to be put in and taken out of the robot if repairs need to be made. We may paint the box to go along with our theme. It depends on timing.

nice nice, are you guys going to hook some fans up to it to circulate air?

If the wires are all connected to the motors will it still be possible to easily remove and repair the electronics?

Cool idea though, looks great, nice and neat.

Aren’t you only suppose to use two tanks?

Wiring looks great.

Nope… this year it is legal to have 4 tanks.

hehe, hey Arefin, they changed the rules this year. you can use up to four tanks now

hmmmmmmmmm… ya, I should probably read the rules again. lol.

… time to find two more tank’s… wooooooooooo…

Actually, where the wire s come out and with a few holes that we have in the back, with the fans, the air is circulated nicely. We can connect and disconnect the wires between the motors easily enough that if we need to repair them, then we can unplug them and remove the box.

The wiring looks great you guys!

I have a non-electrical question, why do you have two pressure regulators?

I’m curious too, but I think there are actually three. Two near those gauges and a third in between them closer to the compressor. I could understand two, one set to lower pressures for actuators that don’t need much force (like a gripper), and the other for higher force applications (like arms), but three is just puzzling…

that is a mystery huh, but i like it, were doing something similar, sort of some things going down below and what not, even the battery, which i thought was pretty innovative, also though we are pondering on doin pneumatics or not, we’ll see this year shall be a good oNE!:ahh:

At first we had just the two Monnier regulators to regulate our two pneumatic cylinders separately. At the time we were unsure of our pneumatic needs. But one of our mentors pointed out that under <R105> we needed to use the Norgen regulator to regulate down to 60. So we just added the third regulator upstream with out changing anything else. We are not sure if we will change it since we are still under weight. Though we do think it looks a little cool as it is.

I have to give you that, it does look cool in an industrial sort of way! I think we may see more robots this year with two regulators thanks to the venturi.