pic: Team 195 base

Our attempt at the teams first aluminum base

AHH! Blasphemy!!!

Looks pretty sweet. I can’t wait to see what you guys cook up… from what I’ve heard it sounds pretty cool.

So when is it getting anodized?

Wheres the wood?!

http://team228.org/images/emoticons/whaaat.gif No wood chassis?!

Otherwise, it looks like it’s coming along quite well. I like all the 1/4" holes along the top of the chassis; we did the same thing with our chassis this year. It certainly makes mounting things, such as electronics boards, much easier.

hmmm… I saw something like that yesterday. :rolleyes:

I can top you fin! LOL I saw something like that today! w00t for tours of other team’s shops. Thanks for that opportunity Team 228!!

It’s always cool to gain a different perspective of build season by visiting a friendly neighboring team’s shop. :slight_smile:

And… can it be!!! A Team 195 bot made out of metal???
My heart be still! lol

Good luck!