pic: team 195 inventor

team 195’s first inventor submission

Pretty slick, nice bot you guys

very nice!
nice custom gearboxes :yikes:
It looks like the arm has azimuth turning. what kind of motor did you use for that?
is that 4 feet? or 5?

Does your manipulator “climb” up the arm?

a globe motor was used for the turret
we are in the 5 foot catagory
it is a 3 stage arm and the gripper is atached to the third stage. you can see more about the arm in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwrjGf0a7Ko

Hey… just a hint… if you just pop your inventor over into inventor studio and do a render it won’t have the outline lines all over it… :wink:

NICE design!


nice inventor work

Very nice, looks like it took a coupleof hours to do that:D :smiley:

Honestly about how many hours did you put in to it?:confused:

There are some rendered pictures on their website…

Team 195 Inventor Submission Page

the rendered versions can be found in our inventor submission on our website


Ben posted before I could announce it finished…

Enjoy anyways!

how did u do the chains i was looking at your turret and i really was kinda interested how u did the chains