pic: Team 195 IR Booster

This is a power boosting device we created to control our robot in hybrid mode.

It runs on the following:

120 High Power Infared LED’s
2 transistors to step up signal current
56 kHz output signal
Sourced from 12v battery
Hopes and dreams

Looks nice! Does your booster help with range as well as distance of the signal?

We haven’t done a max distance test yet, but the booster still works from across a large room while it is pointed out of a window.

Where did you get the booster and battery? That is an awesome setup. :ahh:

Did you make any changes to the IR board?

:ahh: Does your remote come with sunscreen? A grill tray?

Have you tried pointing that thing into a dark room, then looking in the room with a b&w camera? I’ll bet it floods the whole thing with light.

That’s one heck of a remote… but I think I’ll watch it from the stands. :o


The built the booster from scratch with a COTS enclosure, remote, electrical components, and some perf board. We found the battery laying around the shop.

We bought 56 kHz receivers (about 95% of remote/receivers packages run near 40 kHz), wired 4 receivers in parallel in a 360 degree pattern, and patched them off to a separate board that we can mount in different spots on the robot.

So, im assuming you always loose the signal? :yikes: :stuck_out_tongue: