pic: Team 195 - Knightmare GTX

This is our 2006 robot. We were the 6th seed alliance captain at the UTC New England Regional. This robot can score 30 balls in 5 seconds, and consistently scores all 10 starting balls in autonomous mode.

rawr that’s one good looking robot!

all the other robots on the field better watch out before they get stung by this bot.

I love the simple idea of the side goals, if ya do it effectively and quick enough it’s better then a good shooter!

You guys need to pick a color scheme :wink:

But really, put those gloves back on. They were really sweet.

nice bot!!! saweeeettt


Looks awesome, guys.

Gotta love those defensive/ball picker uppers (although maybe I am just biased.) :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the elegance of the ball picking mechanism. I have seen it in action and I can vouch that it is fast, sleek, and efficient.

Good job, 195! It was great getting to see you guys play in Hartford.

– Jaine

Alright, I wasn’t fortunate enough to go to UTC and I can’t wait for the whitepaper. What is Dynamic Defense? Do you have range sensors to track bots in autonomous?

That was the original idea, along with a slew of other bells and whistles. Unfortunately, development of range sensor based bot tracking was cut short, but its almost there and will definitely be done for some off seasons.
Here’s the 25 cent explaination of what we used this year.

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If you take a look at the front of the robot you will notice that there are two slits cut into each L-frame bracket. The reason for this being, the whole front roller and H frame assembly slide up and down this track (giving it an up and in movement). Our original design was going to be a stationary frame, like the one seen here, but when week five came around FIRST defined a shooter as any mechanism that gives the final impulse to the ball. We had not assumed a corner goal scorer a “shooter” so we didn’t see a problem with going outside of the starting dimensions with our gatherer / depositor. With a quick redesign and late nights, we were able to get it finished in time for ship. The “shooter” works out very well with this design, maybe even better than our original.

Looks great guys! We had the pleasure of pairing up with you guys in a qualifying match and going against you in a qualifying match. I will admit you guys have an awesome machine capable of awesome defense and an even better offense. Great work guys. :slight_smile: