pic: Team 195 Teaser #3

Hmmmmm, what could this be used for?

Does it go on the robot or on the operator interface?

It goes on the Robot.

Aw, I thought it was going to link with the dashboard, oh well. Looks cool, no idea what it could be for though.

Autonomous Mode Selector?

hmmm interesting…

It has to be a game boy for when the robot gets bored! :wink:

Is it the Total Domination Selector Module?

…Pretty much.

This fits hand and hand with another teaser we have put out.

I bet it’s a monitor so you can use your robot to play Doom.

I think it kind of looks like a battery tester of some sorts.

it goes with the dual camera eye thingy *distance finder thingy???

w/e it was i assume it goes with what mode it tells that thing to go into or do during auto mode…

Looks interesting.

I’ll be very interested to see the intended function of this thing, especially since only two power poles are visible. (I assume there’s a serial port somewhere in this?)

Clearly that is a little box to flash taunts to the other alliance…

“All your ball are belong to us”

Thnigs like that.

Absolute sweetness

XM reciever? At first glance it looks like someone took apart the Delphi Roady XT :stuck_out_tongue:

All of our hopes and dreams have been squashed.



You can play music DURING the match, just not AFTER the match.

Just sense when there’s about 10 seconds left, have your drivers flip a switch on the OI, and start blasting “we are the champions” or some appropriate ‘we just lost’ music. :cool: .

::sigh:: That’s it, I’m leaving and joining LAST (Losers Against Science and Technology…it’s a cooking contest). :wink:

Although I fear this turning into the “What’s the best song for this purpose?” thread, I will suggest the “wah wah wahhhhhhhh” noise.

HMMMM I would guess a self destruct box for the robot!!!:smiley:

I am loving it