pic: Team 195's 2018 Robot


Looking good this year, best of luck this weekend at Southern CT and looking forward to Hartford

Really digging the way the intake is integrated into the shoulder.

Looks solid as always. Looking forward to seeing it this weekend in Fairfield.

Wild. I love it.

Can’t wait to see the forklift in action!

That looks so cool! I cant wait to see how fast it does that scale!

Is there actually a turret? From everything I’ve seen so far it looks like it, but I can’t really see it in this photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, looks like our teams decided on pretty similar conceptual designs, yet with some significant differences, too!

Looks like you’ve done a phenomenal job fitting a lot of stuff into a very low drive base – well done!

Can’t wait to see 195’s robot in person this season!

Hopefully we’ll get a few matches together some when…

Damiaen & 195,

Thanks for letting me crash the party for my Spring Break!

Robot looks hella sweet, can’t wait to see it compete.

Upset to see the wacko arm die, though :wink:

It’s in a better place now.