pic: Team 1983 CAD poem

The Legend of Dave the CADder

Have you heard the legend of FRC?
Many years ago it was told to me…

Following below is the legend of old,
This is how it’s told:

As I recount the legend to you,
Bear in mind this story is mostly true…

There once was a wee little lad,
Who happened to enjoy CAD

Our story starts long long ago, in a galaxy not too far away,
This is where our character is born and where he’ll stay

The name of Dave,
His parents gave…

He joined Aviation High School,
While working at the pool

When team 1983 was created,
To join, he was fated

In his final year,
He took a new challenge without fear

He began to learn CAD,
That little lad…

It came the day for Dave’s mentor Ken to make a confession,
Dave’s skills were growing in rapid succession

The 2009 FRC season then began,
The CAD skills were soon to be tested of this young man

Coach Steele then proclaimed,
As CAD leader Dave was to be famed

He worked hard throughout the season,
Combatting constraints with logic and reason

The CAD deadline quickly approached,
For which Ken had him strongly coached

The day was here!
Dave could smell a constraint demon near

It leaped and bound and dove for Dave’s model
He quickly drained his NOS bottle

Dave tossed the CAD stick into his right hand
The demon roared; “I’m the mightiest in the land!”

Dave did not fear, Ken’s voice flowed through his head,
“No not the arms, get the head instead”

The demon misplaced a swerve module and lunged at the CADder
Well, that CADder, he got madder

With all of his might,
Dave continued to fight

He backed the demon against the wall,
It soon began to stumble and fall

At that point, Dave constrained the demon to the floor,
It begged mercy for no more

He wouldn’t stop, he motion constrained the stick to it’s head,
He vowed to stop, only when it was dead

After cross sectioning and quarter sectioning the beast,
It’s life ceased

The demon had failed,
Dave prevailed!

His CAD legacy is still alive,
To fill his shoes, his mentees Navid and Austin will continue to strive

The robots Dave drove,
All became treasure troves

He won many regionals as a driver,
So yes, from FIRST he was a survivor

So that is how the story goes, Dave is now enrolled for WPI,
If you’re lucky, you’ll see him at Battle Cry

To his FIRST team, he’ll always be true,
And to Dave: Skunkworks will never forget you

Navid Shafa
Team 1983 Skunkworks Robotics

Hoping to fill the void you’ll be leaving,
And wishing you luck in college!

Hey! This was a really nice tribute. Good luck next year Dave, and congratulations on three successful seasons! =)

I think the poem is awesome Navid! Maybe you should stop CADing and take up a job in poetic writing…haha. But yeah, good luck to ya Dave at WPI!

Very nice Navid. Yes, those are big shoes to fill. Especially when you consider the contributions of Sebastian, Shawn, Austin, Olivia, Jay, BG, Stephanie, and you. Come to think of it, I’ve seen your feet … not a problem.


Better start learning Solidworks, Dave! Good to see some good CAD experience coming to 190.

Thank you Navid, and everyone. Please, don’t hesitate to ask for any help you ever need for the team. I WANT to continue to be a skunk. As for 190, I’d be happy to provide as much INVENTOR (and SolidWorks) help as you guys could ever need.

Nice poem, Navid! Big shoes to fill indeed, but I’m sure you (all) are up to the challenge.

Dave, we’re gonna miss your GP and sportsmanship at the coopetitions. Best of luck to you at WPI !

-Paul & the IRS

Hey, uh, unrelated, but does the skunkworks team have any affiliation with Lockhead’s skunkworks?

We attempt to approach the same level of awesome. After short study however it seems that there is an apparent limit as our awesome approaches theirs.

But no, there is no actual connection beside the name and some of the reason behind the name. Being that Team 1983 is from Aviation High School, our previous campus did not have the most pleasant oder about it, and we hope to push robotics someday as the real Skunk Works has pushed Aviation, we felt that the name was suitable.

It is important to remember that mimicry is the greatest form of flattery. :wink:

Ironically enough, at the old campus 1983 was just down the street from Boeing…