pic: Team 1987 Broncobots 2014 Robot

Looks great. (Insider tip: plays well too!)

See you on the practice field. :wink:

PS. I think this is the first year all 3 Lee’s Summit teams found sponsors to powder coat.

Are those bumpers legal? The gap at the corners looks a little iffy to me.

Bumpers are not legal as is, and will be corrected for competition.

Looking good 1987!

We’ll see you guys out here in Denver so bring your A-game.

If nothing else, mecanum wheels will end up on Einstein this year just from the sheer quantity of them that people are using on intakes.


I’ll be advising the scouts to keep an extra eye on your team as I did in Oklahoma 2010 :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve seen, what, 7 or 8 teams use them on their intakes? That’s a pretty risky bet to make.

Looks good. See you in Denver.

Do they still have that scouting corner at Denver?

Great looking robot guys. I can’t wait to see how you preform this year. Playing with you at Alamo last season was a blast. Good luck!

Thanks for the kind words. We are looking forward to all of the great robots at Kansas City (GKC) and Colorado (Denver).

Good luck to all.

They had it last year but I really don’t know what is planned for this year.

Good Job at colorado, it seemed you guys had a great robot that did really well. I just hate seeing teams get knocked out on fouls. You guys 1619, and 4153 where the best out there and had a real shot. Good luck next year in 2015.