pic: Team 20, 173, 230 beat... Team 20, 173, 230

Little confusing, eh?

The same thing happened at Pittsburgh today, In the finals it said our alliance beat our own alliance twice, it was really messed up, but still funny.

As soon as I saw this it reminded me of this thread. :smiley:

I don’t know what’s going on with FIRST’s scoring system. I remember they had all sorts of similar troubles last year. If you go to the Pacific Northwest Regional results page, it says that we won 8, lost two, and are ranked third. But the reality is that we won 9, tied one, and lost none, and were seeded first. Then in the match results, all of the qualification matches disappeared (except Q22, at the very end?!?!), and we can be seen to be playing ourselves (and beating ourselves) TWICE in the finals:

F 1-1:
492, 1595, 604: 49
492, 1595, 604: 23
F 1-2:
492, 1595, 604: 89
492, 1595, 604: 4

Well, at least they got the scores correct… I guess.

I know a lot of teams do scouting for the Championship from these sorts of match results, and beating ourselves doesn’t make us look too good. Oh well.

Thanks to 1595 & 604, btw, especially for tying the match that we lost our radio connection to allow us to remain undefeated.

The best part is that our alliance didn’t even play that match I think.

you are correct Tully, that was actually the match after we had played.