pic: Team 20 *2009* Robot

Looks Awesome!!! Thanks for posting, It is nice to see another great robot joining us at GSR. Best of luck! Stop by and say hi!

Team 134

Does the shooter use pnuematics? i see an air compresser but just thought i would ask.

the pneumatics are used for locking the shooter back into place and moving the front door up and down.

go there to watch the robot in action

Collector might move a little slowly, but wow that dump is fast!

Can’t wait to see it in person next weekend!

Holy apes!
Its a ball explosion!

i think this robot defines a whole new class of ball-scoring-mechanisms

get a cim or something on that picker-upper though… its speed is like the inverse of the shooting speed ):

Looks great, but then the Rocketeers are always good.

See you at BAE


i spy a propeller

i wish i could get on youtube at school…

me 2

Recap of the video for those without youtube.

Lines up like 24 ball 2 by 2. Robot starts driving, and slowly proceeds to devour 90% of the balls (like watching someone eat a really long bread stick). Then it gets to the trailer, pulls the canvis tight and “barfs” all its balls into the trailer.

Stuff that fisher price in a Dewalt or BaneBot transmission, that intake needs some love, otherwise nice bot. See you at GSR, Team 40 looks forward to playing with you guys again! :smiley:

Best of luck at NH and see you in conn…It was great working with you guys once again at the practice field.

It was good practice for our drivers trying to stay away from that dumping beast

Team 1493

I don’t spy a prop. Am I missing something? I do see a black oval logo on their back lexan plate though.

I was thinking the same thing. I think he mistook the fabric cover for the ball hopper as a covering for the fan. If you watch the video however, you can see that there is nothing behind it, only a large logo. At least, those are my observations.

Mine too, Greg. No props unless they’re really small and really well hidden.

Now, rockets, on the other hand…

Correct no propeller, just logos on the back. Also thanks for all the great feed back.

Yesh, No propellers…just a lot of grabbing and puking…

We can’t wait to see everyone at GSR!

Actually, the picture does not include the pneumatic door on the hopper. Also, the code has been improved on the launcher to make the dump slightly faster. However, I do wish the ball gobbler was faster.

I dub thee

:eek:The Carpet Bomb :ahh:

Looks like another great, creative bot from Team 20

Good Luck!

hahaha :smiley: that one’s going on my profile…

thank you, and good luck to you too!